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Build your capital in profitable real estate

Accumulate tokenized assets, earn and travel without borders

" The basics of financial literacy say that at least 10% of income must be set aside to create capital with passive income

Why is it profitable to create capital in real estate?

Saving assets as safely as possible
Assets that will last 10 years
You can pass them on as inheritance
One of the oldest investment instruments
Used by the strongest investors: D. Trump, R. Kiyosaki, Rockefellers
The world's population is growing and needs housing

Real estate activities


01. Apartments in resort locations on five continents

02. Apartments for relocation of company employees

03. Home Care Apartments

04. Club houses and apartments (yoga, fitness, and other themed spaces)

05. Aparthotels and luxury hotel rooms

06. Campuses

07. Apartments with national flavor

08. Apartments for rehabilitation centers

Real estate options

Short term rental in resort locations

Seasonal short-term rental, in high demand and brings increased profit.

Long term rental

Luxury real estate that is rented out for a year or more, is financially profitable and provides a stable income.


During the renovation of the object, its cost increases, as well as the cost of rent, which significantly increases profitability.

Purchase sale

With regular monitoring of the market, you can buy a high-quality profitable object at a low price or sell it for a good profit.


Objects for profit, it is most profitable to acquire in the early stages of construction.


In case of urgent need or upon obtaining favorable conditions, it is possible to receive additional income from sublease.

Start earning with us quickly and easily!

Real estate assets for our partners are denominated in the form of tokens issued on the blockchain backed by real estate.

STAB token - reflects the market value of assets backed by the profitable real estate network of the Between Oceans company. Token holders receive bonuses when placing a token in Farming.
REND token - Accepted as payment for rent in apartments of the "Between Oceans" network. REND token - can be placed in Master Depo and Staking.

Why is it beneficial?

Making a stable profit

By purchasing our tokens, you get additional income from placing Rend and STAB in Farming, Master Depo and Staking.

Asset value and liquidity

The value of assets when creating a network of profitable real estate can rise significantly over time. And thanks to tokenization, assets have high liquidity in the market.

Profitable real estate is in high demand

The global real estate market demonstrates stable growth dynamics. Experts predict that the trend will continue in the next 20 years.

The tourism market is growing

And also, the demand for non-standard tourist real estate in the most attractive corners of the world is steadily increasing

Tokenization of real estate assets

Tokenized assets are a new and actively growing niche that will bring stable profits while maintaining high reliability and long-term income planning.

Low entry threshold

Thanks to the unique concept and blockchain technology, the acquisition of assets in profitable real estate has become available to everyone, with a low budget to start creating capital.

How it works

Asset flow chart

About the company

We specialize in profitable real estate with a wide coverage of various target audiences of tenants and provide them with an online platform for finding and booking apartments.

Thanks to blockchain technologies, we can offer our partners a low entry threshold for a portfolio of profitable real estate assets.

We solve the problem of most people who want to create capital in real estate. Our high competence in the selection of objects and professional management, increase the profitability of our properties.

Online platform for searching, choosing and ordering apartments

You get access to a set of online interfaces for choosing free apartments in the Between Oceans network and paying with REND tokens, which will be intuitive even for a beginner.


Why is it beneficial?


Thanks to Blockchain technology, each participant will automatically receive accruals for Farming, Master Depo and Staking. This will eliminate the human factor, since all payments are made automatically, depending on the amount of the deposit.


Each project that we consider undergoes a professional comprehensive review, but not every one of them receives approval from our team. Only after checking the profitability of assets, an object is selected for acquisition into an asset.


95% of people do not have the opportunity to acquire real estate assets, because they need to have experience, sufficient capital and understanding of the market. With the help of a common pool, we have created an opportunity for anyone to accumulate assets in real estate.

A ready-made business model guarantees an easy start in the field of creating reliable capital, even with no experience and a lot of free time.

Answers to basic questions

How to start building real estate assets with you?
Follow the referral link of the person who gave you information, register on the Stability International Platform, select and pay for a marketing package. At the same time, tokenized assets of the company will be credited to you.
At what amount of savings can one start creating assets?
The minimum entry threshold is $60.
How often will I make a profit?
Every day.
How to calculate the expected rate of return of an object?
Profitability calculation is carried out by our experts. You can contact them with this question on the object of interest at any time.
What is an activation key and why do I need it?
This is a prerequisite for using all platform tools

Register and get more information

Information about real estate objects in our assets and rental opportunities using the REND token will be available in your personal account.


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